Do These If You Want to Leave Puppy at Home

Do you have a puppy at home and often leave it at home alone? If you do, realize that you already do a big mistake. Why? This makes your pet lonely and depressed at last. It will lose mood and appetite so it gets sick and goes to die soon. Do you want to deal with this problem? If you don’t, you should do the following tips so your puppy is happy:

bathe a puppy

Ask for somebody to take care of it

To make your puppy happy at home, ask for somebody to take care of it as well as possible. Make sure that he/she bathes, feeds, and invites it to play together. If he/she does not have any jobs in afternoon, ask him/her to invite your puppy to walk together or play in garden. Anyway, at this moment, not all people can be trusted, what do you do to anticipate bad things that can be done by animal caretaker? Consider installing CCTVs in some home parts. You can record and look what he/she did to your pet easily. If you find something wrong in which he/she ignores and neglects your pup, you may blame and get him/her fire soon.

Take puppy training program

Taking puppy training program is a good thing because here puppy will be taught to bark, take a poop, roll, sit, and so on by professional dog trainers. You can get training tips so you can train your pet when having free time at home. The problem is there are many puppy training providers out there. If you choose wrong one, you will regret because there is much money that will be spent. Besides, your pup might be stressed and depressed so it will get sick and die at last. Therefore, you must be careful of choosing provider. Make sure that you check the reputation and track record of provider in detail before hiring them.

Anyway, if you live in Singapore, consider trusting Puppy Colours Singapore that is a professional and reliable dog training provider. They have professional and reliable trainers who are always ready to train dog optimally. There is no violence and coercion in each program so pet will be fine. Your puppy will be taught with group or private lessons so it will never feel lonely.

Provide your pup favorite foods

When leaving pup for a long time, you should provide its favorite foods. Tell this to animal caretaker and ask him/her to feed your puppy three times a day. Also ask him/her not to mix provided foods with seasoning or something that can disturb its metabolism system. If your pup loses appetite or don’t want to eat, ask caretaker to bring it to animal care center as soon as possible. Ask veterinarian to do the best to treat your puppy.

When having free time at home, you should spend most of time together with your pet. You can put it in your lap when you are sitting and doing something. You should also bathe, feed, and invite it to play together inside or outside your residence. Anyway, if you don’t know how to bathe your pup, click here.

Cause Pet Dog Like Biting

dog_biteHaving a pet dog at home as well as have a friend. How not, dogs can become depressed relievers also a sense of quiet, deserted and silent when it will be invited to play. No wonder that many people like to keep dogs though sometimes have to take some important activity, whether it’s school or work. However, bad habits, pets are often nibble at will, be it equipment or even a stranger who came to visit. Keep in mind, there are three that form the basis rather than a pet dog bite, among others:

Will be teething

If you buy pet dog very young age about 2-4 weeks, most likely due to his habit of biting will grow teeth so that the teeth ache and itch. In this case, usually dogs will vent the pain on the objects it detects, whether it’s a chair, a table, shoes, handbags, or other hard objects. To outsmart order to stop biting is a way spontaneously snapped. However, it is still often repeated because of the growth of canine teeth in general gradually up to several months. Many people suck face problems like this so that they(preserver dog) sometimes have to give up valuable goods to help vent the grievances felt by pet dogs.

Late fed

Which is also the cause of pet dogs like to bite primarily because they feel hungry. Usually forget to be fed or can be irregular diet that besides whining expect fed and must withstand hunger, pet dogs often bite. Therefore, in keeping dogs is important to schedule eating well, either in the morning or afternoon so biting habit can be overcome. Remember, to give a pet dog food according to the schedule also is not enough, the dogs require nutrients, nutrition, and the perfect protein to support growth and development.

Feel threatened

Besides the above, other causes that make a dog used to bite caused by a situation that feels threatened. For example, there is a stranger(unknown by the dog) to come to your house, because it was the task of the dog is guarding the house would not be surprised if the dog is also directly attack the stranger. If you have a pet like this, it helps to use a leash so the dog does not attack people who come to the house, because it can harm the person if it had been bitten by a dog. However(dog tied position), the dogs will still bark as a sign that there are people who come. So, this needs to be considered well for your kindness and also others.

Dog biting habit is said to be already quite commonplace when knowing some cause. It just needs a proper manner and also taught her patience in order not biting like a dog habits in general. Keep in mind that, victims of dog bites can be dangerous, especially if the rabies had attacked and not treated properly, it is possible to threaten the safety of the victim. Therefore, it must be careful to keep a dog, especially if not educated wisely is not likely to harm others.

Training, Medical Check, and Traveling Are Important for Pet

Keeping animals give satisfaction, especially for animal lovers. Cuteness pets often become drug stressful for the owner. Sensitivity and loyalty pet is very necessary to maintain the safety and security of home owners. That is why most people are interested in raising animals. How about you? We will buy or adopt a pet should consider the following aspects: good health history, age at least 3 months, and the character in accordance with the purpose of maintenance.

In caring for a pet, do not forget to comb his fur after bathing so as not to wrinkle, leave them in the morning to kill the bacteria trigger a skin disease on his body, and perform periodic vaccinations that pets are immune to the disease. As with humans, pets also need schools, health checks, and roads. As the owner should meet 3 it is because…

Schools: obedient and have good behavior

pet school

Is there a school pet? Pet’s needs are now cared for by many parties. Proven today besides already widely available pet stores that sell cages, where to eat, where pee/poop, pet food, toys, straps, etc. and kennel for bathing, nail cutting, smoothing feathers, clean the mushrooms ears, school pet was already very easy to find, especially in big cities.

The number of applicants to preserve the animals into the supporting factors. School pet handled by animal lovers and also have skills in the world will make the pet animal to be more obedient to the commands of its owner. No less important, the behavior of pets will be better where it no longer bite at will for no apparent reason and barking continuously.

Health check: prevent and treat disease

Health check for pet

Just like humans, pets also need regular health check by the owner. Health checks conducted at the vet trust can prevent the disease. For example, by injection of rabies vaccine in order to prevent the animals from rabies, which in essence can be transmitted to the owner through bites or scratches? It could also be the provision of vitamins to stimulate the appetite, prevent worms, healthy fur, or increase endurance pets.

Periodic health checks were carried out with the aim to immediately treat diseases for pets from veterinary diagnostic results. Treatment of early stage disease since she was a much more considered more effective cure than when the disease has been chronic, severe, or an advanced stage. That is, the death of a pet because the disease can be prevented with regular health checks.

Streets: coping with stress

traveling pet

Ssstt, pet could also stress tablets. Is it true? Yup, the cause could be because of this: dirty and smelly cages, traveling far, not given a chance out of the cage and play, merely abandoned by its owner, the condition of the body that do not fit, the presence of other animals, feed changes, and so forth. If the pet experience the following things:

  • lack of appetite
  • more aggressive against anyone
  • often moody and hiding
  • pee any place
  • do not hesitate to hurt himself
  • etc.

Means pet in stressful conditions. If such condition, do not ignore! Know, stress is one factor that triggers death in pets. So, what can be done if pets under stress? Simple, take the pet walks and play later in addition to providing a multivitamin. For prevention, do not do things trigger stress?

Train Pet Cat to Be Smart

catJust like dogs, cats also includes the most popular animal to be maintained. Funny demeanor make sense of fatigue after work be lost in a moment. Not only that, agility also can bring good luck, one of them a chance to win the competition and if the cat wins, likely could generate millions of Indonesian rupiah prize. By the way, if you also have a pet cat in the house of course also can train to become agile. The trick? Follow the tips below:

Teach trained since an early age

So that his body was rigid to perform a variety of movements, you should take your pet cat practicing early. Young age will greatly facilitate the process of spasticity bones, so that by the time he was already quite mature, your pet cat live hone her skills to perform various movements he ever did. Therefore, if you are just going to buy a cat a cat should select his young age, approximately 1.5 months or more that pets are easy to recognize and follow your orders. Conversely, if the pet you purchase age is old enough, it will be relatively difficult for you to practice because of his behavior could no longer control.

Give a gift after training

Usually the cat will mimic the movements taught by caregivers when a good mood again. Meanwhile, when a bad mood, it is certain to be lazy cat could even go or sleep. Obviously, this can make the blood pressure to rise drastically. However, as the custodian of professionals cat you should not do violence such as hitting, simply give the favorite food for example snacks or meat. Thus you can make these foods as a decoy so that the cat movements, because the cat will follow wherever the direction of the food you unwittingly handed so he has made various motions as you want, whether it’s playing ball, jumping, or dancing.

In addition, about like this can increase your closeness to him(pets). It becomes easy for you to persuade them to practice when you know what she likes. In other words, you need to figure out the right tricks, such as giving his favorite food to be used as an inducement so diligently practiced to be agile.

Do not hit or rough when not want to practice

You need to know, the cat is being bad mood basically have a special reason, either because they feel hungry, thirsty, or even not feeling well. If your pet cat limp condition, should give food and drink high protein and calcium to increase strength. If necessary, check with the vet for a check, it is not possible your pet cat health condition was bad. It is strongly recommended to not hurt her because it will only make his will shrink when you take train again and instead will go.

That’s how simple you can do to train your pet cat at home until agile. Just a suggestion, make sure your pet cat nutrition are met to help the growth and development well. Remember, this is also a merit if done with sincerity.

Scoring Points in Pet Contest

Pet Contest3

Those who are fond of keeping animals is not only facilitated by increasingly widespread in recent animal salon and school, but also be appreciated having the opportunity to invite a pet contest. This pet contest held not only abroad, but also our homeland also helped hold it. Pet contest held certainly have goals, two of them: open the minds of people about business opportunities in the pet world and motivate more people to love animals. To be able to win a pet contest, a few points must be met the following assessment:


Pets which included the contest must have good health. Therefore, for those who want to include a pet contest verify maintain good pet health. The trick? Routine vaccination ranging from the age of 6 weeks for the virus in the body of the pet that trigger the disease can be attenuated, pet basking in the morning to remove bacteria attached, and give fresh and healthy foods that health is maintained. If necessary before a pet contest, previous health checks at the vet for immediate treatment if diagnosed with certain diseases.

Cleanliness and neatness

The appearance of a pet pretty determine winning or losing of the contest. The appearance here of course in terms of hygiene and grooming pets. Hence, the pet has to be treated with either one of them washed every day with a special shampoo. Pet clean besides comfortable when held and cuddled, skin diseases in pets that can be transmitted to the owner can be avoided. Pets can enjoy the neatness of fur is not matted. To that end, after bathing the pet, use a hair dryer and then comb fur slowly. Pet appearance will be interesting when worn fashion and its accessories (hats, necklaces, gloves and feet, glasses, etc.).


Anyone will surely be amazed when animals act like humans. Therefore, the skill of the pet which act like humans also contributed to the victory in the contest. I wonder if the pet owner needs to train it or send the pet in order to make the pet more skilled. Besides being very helpful, pet skilled chance to win if included in the contest. Here are some pet skills in general: posing like models, iron jump horizontally or while passing through the iron circle, ran zigzag, talk like a human, and much more.


In terms of health okay after checking, cleanliness and tidiness is very interesting, as well as amazing skills, but very bad pet behavior. Obviously reduces the chance of scoring points contest and lost. If you wish to contest a pet, make sure the pet does not have a bad behavior such as biting anyone indiscriminately, incessant barking, etc. If caring for pets childhood with proper techniques anyway, pets actually not going to have bad behavior. When adopting an animal when it is large or from the streets, a natural thing if the pet has bad behavior. Especially if you do not know how to practice it.

More than just reaching a certain satisfaction, win a pet that has been treated will boost the prestige in the eyes of pet owners as well as lovers of other animals. If raising animals for investment purposes, this condition will further increase the value of the sale to the pet.